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How to measure sewing table insert size?

Dear friends!

If you did not find your sewing machine model in our database, please use special program to take measurement and calculate sewing insert size. The sewing insert can be made for different configuration of machine (pictures 1 and 2)

Then we will explain how to measure sewing insert size for JANOME 415.

You will need the following accessories:
Measuring ruler, measuring triangle, scissors, knife, glue, scotch tape, cardboard 320x620mm, and 3 paper sheets A4. (Picture 3)

Please take measurement for sewing insert and insert data into the table (pictures 4-10)


Attention! Each model of sewing machine have special configuration of working surface. If some parameters are not related to you machine, please insert 0 into the table.

We recommended to take measurements with tolerance + 1-2 mm. The measurement of working area must be very accurate.

Some models of sewing machines have an additional ledge between accessory container and machine body. In this case, you need to specify its size (length and width) and send us this information together with all measurements (please see instructions below).

Once you have insert all data, click  CALCULATE

Check all data and print drawing.

The drawing will be printed in three pages.

To make sewing inserts template for machine standard series you will need 2 sheets ( from left to right) To make sewing inserts template L/XL series please use 3 sheets.

Instruction (please see pictures):

1. Cut along vertical lines (picture 11)

2. Joint together both part of drawing with scotch tape ( picture 12)

3. Cut out sewing insert template (picture 13)

4.Check accuracy of sewing insert template. (picture 14)

If template does not fit to your machine, please check all measurements and repeat all steps of instruction.

Glue template on cardboard (picture 15)

Cut out middle part of template (picture 16). To do this please uses knife and scissors.

Check accuracy of sewing insert template again (picture 17)


If you are satisfied and template is fit to your sewing machine, please copy the values and send it to us by e-mail .

A = 0

B = 0
C = 40
D = 160
E = 0
F = 0
G = 0
H = 88
K = 0
L = 51
M = 22
N = 164
P = 16
R = 56
S = 0

 Remember! the result depends on the accuracy of measurements you have made. We will make sewing insert in accordce data that you have send to us. Please be sure that all measurements were made correctly.


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